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AK Fitness has been providing fitness, diet and training advice for over 10 years.  Dedicated and passionate about providing 100% commitment to every client who takes their specific journey with us. Our unique fitness methodology is devised from extensive travel, learning from the masters of fitness worldwide.

If getting in shape and losing weight was easy, then we’d be out of a job! It takes time, effort and dedication. That’s why you need us. We’ll take the time to listen to your goals and aspirations, and help you achieve them. Behind you every step of the way.

We firmly believe that improved physical health and mental health go hand in hand. Our holistic fitness philosophy means that each individual client will reap the rewards of a healthier mind and body.

Personal Training
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AK Fitness can help with

Getting lean and fit | Getting Stronger and more Confident | Weight loss | Weight gain |  Muscle tissue gain | Physical conditioning and strength gain

Happy | Healthy | Confident

AK Fitness, not just a personal trainer.
We will also help with

  • Keeping your motivation revved up
  • Providing a fitness regime specifically for you, your lifestyle and your body shape
  • Enabling clients to achieve life changing body transformations
  • Changing mindsets long-term; enabling clients to view healthy living, nutrition and exercise as part of their daily life.
  • Help you understand how nutrition & exercise not only effects your body shape, but your moods, sleep patterns, stress, hormonal fluctuations, digestion and so much more.

At AK Fitness we’re here to help you transform your body shape, enhance your confidence and ensure your fitness journey stays relevant and enjoyable!  With a little bit of tough love thrown in for good measure!

Need we say more?  GET IN TOUCH TODAY – Today could be the day your life changes, for the better. Call 07545 627 996


Feel free to read our client reviews

It has been great training with the awesome people who put their heart and soul into it. I appreciate every single on of you and the amazing opportunity.”

Andrew Morrison

Although I only got to train with Atef for a month, the changes in my body were so notable. My goals were to lose fat, increase muscle mass and feel better about myself. I’m delighted to say that in only a short space of time I’ve achieved all of it.

He’s a terrific trainer, a great motivator and is always pushing me to lift heavier, eat better and live a happier life, all things I’ve been happy to do.

Fantastic guy, brilliant coach and I highly recommend him to everyone.

Chris Willmot

I have been training with Atef for nearly 5 months and the results have been amazing. My fitness levels have dramatically increased and my body shape has changed so much. My initial goals were to get fit and tone up, I have done that as well as drop body fat and become so much stronger.

Atef is really motivating, he pushes you far beyond what you would do training alone, and he is always introducing new elements so it’s never boring! Training sessions are always fun and I have found a new enjoyment in exercise and fitness! Thank you Atef!

Louise Bates

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About Me

I work closely with my clients to help set personalised goals, help build self confidence and have a gentle approach to motivation.

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